Hi, Foodies Today I Would like to tell you About the Favourite Dish of Every Person
Thinking about That Dish it is Everyone’s all-time favourite Biriyani
So Today We are Going to Introduce you to a Tasty Biriyani Point To all Biriyani Lovers It’s a AL-KALIFA TAKE WAY BIRIYANI
AL-KALIFA TAKE WAY BIRIYANI is the Best place for food lovers.
AL-KALIFA TAKE WAY BIRIYANI Center expresses food counters like Non veg- Starters Chicken fry Piece Biriyani, Chicken Dum Biriyani, Chicken Joint Biriyani, Sp Chicken Biriyani, and Much more.
To Enjoy the Your Favourite Biriyani at Your doorstep, order now from Ellocart. an Online e-commerce App. which is Safe and Secured.
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