Ellocart is an online local shopping platform for customers. Our aim is to connect the customers with their favorite local stores and services near their location and also connects local stores with wholesale traders in B2B category.


Every Employee (Executives and Managers) should follow the below-mentioned Company Norms


  1. Every Employee should use and follow the Sales App without Fail.


  1. Every Employee should upload a Selfie in the App by 10 AM which is considered as Attendance.


  1. The Target allotted to the Employee must be fulfilled in order to receive complete Salary


  1. Incentives are given as per the company-provided table in the App.


  1. A Closing of an Employee is considered only on the basis of his Employee ID.


  1. Four Consecutive Days with Zero Closings leads to Termination of the Employee.


  1. Only Online Transactions will be Considered and No Cash Transactions or Extra Payments from the Clients are Entertained.


Violation may lead to Termination and Legal Proceedings.


  1. Your Total Pay will be shown in the Dashboard in App. It is considered as the Final Deliverable.


  1. Polite and Decent Approach towards the client is a must.


Any Rude Behavior of an Employee, Company is not Responsible and leads to termination and Legal Proceedings on Employee.


  1. Insurance Invoice will be shared by mail and only applicable on opting the Insurance Service.


  1. Bank Details of an Employee to which the Salary should be Credited must be mentioned Clearly.


  1. OTP is considered as the Final Authentication.